Thursday, March 17, 2005

Open Seat in District 2 (Cincinnati-Batvia-Portsmith Area)

Bush has tapped Rep. Rob Portman to be U.S. trade representative, so his seat will be open. Since I'm not sure when Portman will begin his new assignment, this may trigger a special election. I'll update when I find out. So contact your local party if you live in this area and would like to run.

Update 12:14p The word from Blackwell's office is Portman's confirmation could take months. When he is confirmed and officially resigns, Taft will set a date for a special election. Thanks to furryjester at Kos for the info.

Update 12:57p Anyone interested in running is advised to call Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Thanks to Jeff Seemann for the advise.

-The Ticked Off Ohioan


Blogger Paul said...

Welcome to the Ohio Progressive blogging community. It's great to have more voices out here.

I've linked your site to mine and will check in regularly. Getting Democrats elected statewide is my goal in life in the next two years. We all need to pull together to do more than just blogging for blogging's sake and get our collective butts going and work!

I'm also interested in this "Mark Losey" link you have ... the 15th is my district and for that reason and for the dim bulb currently occupying it, I'm quite pleased to hear that someone has declared for the race.

Bring Ohio Home

12:23 PM  
Blogger The Ticked Off Ohioan said...

Hey, I live in 15 (OSU campus area) and can't stand Debroah Pryce. I found out about Mark from his friend that posts over at DailyKos. I keep bugging Mark to setup a website or something. If you're interested in helping out, send me an email and I'll forward you his information. And I've added a link your site :o)

12:35 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Per Mark's request, I've made an official announcement for him on my site and then on Kos and MyDD.


9:50 PM  

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