Friday, March 25, 2005

Senator DeWine's Voting Record Last Week

NO to First Responders: DeWine voted against $1.6 billion for first responder programs. [CQ, Vote #50, 3/15/05]

NO to Veterans Health Care: DeWine voted against $2.8 billion for veterans health care and $2.8 billion for deficit reduction. [CQ, Vote #55, 3/16/05]

NO to Vocational Training: DeWine voted against $7.46 billion for the Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act and deficit reduction. [CQ, Vote #61, 3/17/05]

NO to Fiscal Sanity: DeWine voted against restoring pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) rules. [CQ, Vote #53, 3/16/05]

NO to Keeping Amtrak Operating: DeWine voted against restoring $1.04 billion for Amtrak. [CQ, Vote #51, 3/16/05]

NO to Farmers: DeWine voted against restoring $2.8 billion to agriculture programs. [CQ, Vote #69, 3/17/05]

NO to COPS: DeWine voted against increasing funding for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) by $1 billion and use $1 billion to reduce the deficit. [CQ, Vote #70, 3/17/05]

NO to America's Highways: DeWine voted against increasing the budget authority for surface transportation projects. [CQ, Vote #71, 3/17/05]

NO to Teen Pregnancy Prevention: DeWine voted against a resolution supporting $1 billion for family planning programs, such as teen pregnancy prevention. [CQ, Vote #75, 3/17/05]

NO to Disclaimers on Fake News: DeWine voted against refusing to establish any appropriations bill that allows funds to be provided for "prepackaged news stories" that do not have a disclaimer stating "Paid for by the United States Government" running throughout the presentation. [CQ, Vote #77, 3/17/05]

NO to Special Education: DeWine voted against a reserve fund that would provide $71.3 billion for special education programs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. [CQ, Vote #79, 3/17/05]

NO to Advanced Technology: DeWine voted against making every effort to provide funding for the Advanced Technology Program. [CQ, Vote #80, 3/17/05]

Now ask yourself, "How exactly is voting against all of the above helping Ohio or America?" Let's call and write old Mikey to get an explaination for these atrocious votes. Post if you get a response.

-The Ticked Off Ohioan


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